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The Wall

2009-05-14 19:01:08 by DjZeaklous

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The Wall


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2009-06-05 23:12:35

solid morals and values on ng
and yes, house is delicious.

DjZeaklous responds:

Mmm, creamy house...


2009-06-13 00:53:46

First off, I totally agree that house doesn't get the attention that it deserves. I have found about a dozen really good house songs on the portal that I never would have found if I didn't dig deep into the house genre pages. Second, I think that it is really cool that you are a Christian. It doesn't seem like there are that many on sites like this. Third, would you mind listening to and reviewing my song "Symphony of Dance"? I remember you reviewed one of my earlier songs and I really appreciated it.

(Updated ) DjZeaklous responds:

I left one