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Nice Video

Good song and fairly good animation. Good message. We need more of these out there.


It is interactive so that classifies it as a game.

Anwich responds:

no... its continuing dialog to further the story so people can read at the rate they read and they dont miss anything

Pie videos...

They always seem to be the best. Don't know whether that's coincidence or I just like pie.

Nice video. Nice choice of words. Humorous too.

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Fantastic Game

Addicting, inventive, fun, good graphics, all things that a good game needs that this one has. I definitely think that you need to make the game harder though, or at least make a medal at 500,000 or 1,000,000. I, who don't play flash games much, got 535,307 feet in one with only a sniper rifle, rocket, and $40,000 cannon. You should have to have all of the best items to reach the top achievement. The one thing I think is gay though, is the UFOs. You can't dodge them much and they stop you automatically. It gets old. That's how I lost. I still like the game though. Nice job.

Enjoyable Game

Good music. Fun. Interesting. Hard. Needs instructions on that weight one, though. I don't get it and I scored a lot before it froze. Second time in a row it froze. Need to fix that. I hate how most the time I get 100 or 1 percent though.


For Players:
1) Use the gun that stiicks to people and blows up. IT OWNS!
2) Keep jumping and moving around
3) Watch out for Machine Gunner, Bombers (sticky bomb etc.), and Shotguner enemies. They do the most damage to you
4) If piping, run constantly and get in a spot where enemies can't shoot you well (bottom of ledge)

For Author:
1) Great Game
2) Make Harder
3) Add more achievements like one for Triple kills, etc.
4) Make guns more even. Some own, some suck

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+1 to xKore's coolness for using the armory sound effect from StarCraft

and for making a great start to an awesome

I used to say

xKore is good, but needs a little more.

Now, that is far from the truth.

Nice job. RESPECT.


Well, I have found my new intro to a drum and bass mix that I am composing. Great stuff. The choirs made it great for me. The melody and the synth that played it are also fantastic.

I really have no improvements to offer. The only thing I didn't like was the use of those sounds from 0:00-0:25, but I understand that it helps with the title and the mood of the whole song. There is a glitch at 2:44 (at least for me), but I understand that it might be in transferring the file to NewGrounds.

The 8 or so notes at the very end seem out of place; did you mean for them to come in sooner?

Keep up the great work.

I mix EDM and produce some as well. Check out my mixes at http://zeaklous.info /dj-mixes as well as remixes

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