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+1 to xKore's coolness for using the armory sound effect from StarCraft

and for making a great start to an awesome

I used to say

xKore is good, but needs a little more.

Now, that is far from the truth.

Nice job. RESPECT.


Well, I have found my new intro to a drum and bass mix that I am composing. Great stuff. The choirs made it great for me. The melody and the synth that played it are also fantastic.

I really have no improvements to offer. The only thing I didn't like was the use of those sounds from 0:00-0:25, but I understand that it helps with the title and the mood of the whole song. There is a glitch at 2:44 (at least for me), but I understand that it might be in transferring the file to NewGrounds.

The 8 or so notes at the very end seem out of place; did you mean for them to come in sooner?

Keep up the great work.

Good, but could be better

I like the intro, although I think there a couple too many sounds playing at once for an intro. It should be more drawn out in the final version. I think that the bass line should be played longer by it self before the other main synths come in. You could turn up the bass line just a little bit as well. I like the melody when it comes in. Another thing I might change is the amount of sweep like Mystery Moon Pie said. It seems like when the bass beat and snares are played near each other that it plays two beats. I think I might just take out the snares because they conflict with the bass beat. Overall nice song, but improvements could still be made on this part.

Somewhat of a Let Down

I like what you did with the piano. This version of the piano sounds better. That pad is a little repetitive to me. Dunno how to fix it, but I still think it is. I like the bass pad at 0:14. The electronic sound at 0:27 sounded almost cheap or bad compared to the quality of the previous sounds. That was a real let down. Maybe its just the effect you put on it, but I don't really like it until it gets louder. Even still I think you could make it better. I think you should add more than just claps at 0:40 after the lull. It was kind of a let down too. The lengthen of the melody at 0:54 is a little awkward. Maybe because it seems short. The part at 1:00 should be added to so its not just that one sound. The sound at 1:29 didn't fit completely well. Is it some effect you put on it to make it sound distorted? I don't like the distortion much. I agree with the others in that the kick needs to be stronger. I think you should change it up more at 1:42 too because it gets repetitive. 1:55 is weird how you took that sound out. You might want to make it longer or just change it completely. The outro needs to be better too.

As it is now, I love the intro until 0:27. I think I like the other classical version better because it has less flaws as of now. I realize this is a WiP, but I still think you need to fix a lot of the distortion to make it sound more normal. Especially the sound at 0:27. This needs work, but as I said in my review on the classical version it could be totally epic.

By the way, have you tried changing the piano on the classical version to this piano? I think it would sound better.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hey Zeaklous, thanks for the nice review. I looked at what you said and I'll take it into account when I finish this.

I love the piano in this version, it's so clear. Except I haven't changed the classical version, I should do it.

Thanks man :D


1:18 is Amazing...

As a lover of your original mix, I leave this review in hopes that it helps you reach the awesomeness level the other one is at. ;)

I liked the sounds at the beginner (0:00 to 0:24) better in your other [Final] Mix. These ones aren't that bad the other ones are just better. The kick is good, I might just put a regular kick like this without the distortion or whatever it is on it. If you keep the distortion, just make it to have more kick so that all I hear isn't just the distortion. I still love the sound at 0:32. I like the change at 0:35 but it doesn't seem to fit as well as the other one did in the [Final] mix. You might could try to fit it in somewhere else. The part at 0:38 sounds crappily mixed and badly EQed. You will have to fix that in the final version. I like the guitar type sound in the background, but I can't hear it enough. You might wanna turn in up. I like how you shortened the other part at 1:04 into on part instead of two (sorry if you don't understand what I'm talking about here. Its hard to explain). The break at 1:16 is a little awkward, although I do like the part that comes after it. That first instrument at 1:18 is amazing. Sounds great. Its my favorite part of the song. It has a great change of melody. 1:31 is completely random. It doesn't transition well, and I would just lengthen the awesome part more instead of changing it so soon. I also like the sound that comes in at 1:45.

Overall I like how you added notes to places and also how you added the melody at 1:18. I realize that this is only about 3/5ths complete, but it still needs a lot of work.

Hope this helps. At this point I still like your [Final] mix better, but I think this has potential to at least be just at good.

I can see it

being one of your best hard style songs yet. All you would have to do is put sick bass beat in and change the notes from piano to a different hard style song or just ass it onto it. I really like the piano version, but I think the hard style is going to be better.

Wow. I really like the melody and all of the changing. This is so your style. I am surprised that you didn't start out with hard style on this. When you change it to hard style, I would lengthen it some. It is quit short. I might lengthen the intro that stops at 0:13, the song seems to rush forward to fast. You need to have the part at 0:57 layered better, I realize you are toning it down before you add in a new melody, but I think it came in too soon and needs a little better layering there.

Gosh, I have been listening to this over and over for forever it seems like while I am doing other things. Awesome melody, it is such your style. This will be number 1.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks heaps for the clean advice. I chose not to make this one hardstyle because my teacher probably wouldn't have liked it very much. And I didn't have much time to actually make it hardstyle, I just focused on composing the notes right and just added an orchestral feel to it after.

So it's not hardstyle because I wanted to, it's pretty much because I had to. Don't worry you'll hear a hardstyle version of this. I actually started it out hardstyle but changed it to piano.

Thanks for the advice, I'll take it into consideration :D

I hope it gets number 1 but I kind of think it wont because it's already been voted down from 5. But I really hope the hardstyle version gets up the top weekly because that's gonna be freaking awesome! :D

Thanks heaps for the review

-Cheers Brando

Take out fade ins

The first vocals that come in should fade away quicker. I think it should fade out at 3-4 repeats. It is pretty repetitive up to 0:30. You should add more sounds or change it up some. I don't think you should fade in the sound at 0:30ish. You should have the song formatted to where it comes in naturally. Good change of melody. I don't think it builds up enough to have a break at 1:07 like you have. Its not a bad part, just came in at the wrong time. I also think you should have more going in that break. The vocals come in okay, it could fit better. I think you should turn up the volume of the vocals some there though. More fade ins... You should only use them sparsely. You over use them here way too much just because you don't know how to format it right. Not trying to be offensive, it just shows that you need to improve some.

Overall the song drags on a bit and could be formatted better. You still need to take out a lot of those fade ins, but this is a good remix. It introduced some new things to The Power of Pleasure that others had not used. Still a good song though.

MrAw3s0me responds:

hmm key , thx THIS is constructive lol anyway yea good points all that

Pretty Good

That sound in the beginning goes all the way to 2:05. That makes it sound a little repetitive. Especially when it is louder than all of the rest. This song is very plain. That sound that plays for 2 minutes makes it that way I think. Because it is playing that whole time, and other sounds are coming in and fading out, then there is a quiet part with that sound from the beginning, it makes you sound worse than you really are at making music. New people play the same sound through the whole entire song then go to a different part then come back with the exact same part that they faded out from. It's what new people to making music do. It seemed to do that here.

On and on through the song, the same sounds (or at least sounds that sound almost completely the same) are fading in, coming back the same way, and it gets repetitive. If you add more variances to the melody it makes it more interesting. I understand that you meant for this to be a peaceful song, but they still have to interest you. You could work on EQing the song also. Some sounds (like the one from the beginning) are much louder than others. I might increase the bass also, such as Zarevil said. I would call this a WiP. It needs more work but has a good beginning. If you are wondering how to variate the melody, go to this song to see what I mean: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/226818


I like this a whole lot. I always loved classical music and kick. This is a good job of mixing them together. Intro is pretty good, although your kicks have something wrong with them. They might be too loud for your computer. They have this crackling sound on every beat. Anyway, I still love the piano with hardbeat. After the piano went away it got kind of boring though. I think I might have ended it at 1:56 or something.

This is one of the highest reviews I have rated anyone for a while. I like your new genre. If I ever make a classical song, I will make a classical kickstyle version of it also. Nice job. I hope you win.

causeifeellikeit responds:

Thanks man, and yeah I used a really hard kick. xD

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