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Can I use this?

I would like to make a song out of this, can I?

I'm getting down to this!

Pretty good, but plain. needs to stray a little more from the regular

Needs more songs and a better finish

Not bad, but same thing over and over. Need more sounds!

DJCOW responds:

Thanks for the review!

I can add more sounds. I'm thinking of doing a remix of Calabria.

I think loops are kinda boring unless it's a song everyone knows.

Thanks again :D


Way too long and repetitive

That was boring... beginning wasn't bad, but it dragged on for 6 minutes... I didn't like it much, tryto make it shorter and put different sounds in it.

Too repetitive.

That repetitiveness bores/annoys me... You need mroe various sounds mixed in.

just-imboring responds:

Thanks 4 telling :P

Not bad, but

It says there are 40 listens and 76 downloads.... What the Crap???
Other than that I like this song, but it seems just a little repetitive.

Pretty good

It's pretty good, but doesn't seem to be trance to me. I don't know what it is but trance is more of a party music than this. Trance is close to Rave music, which IS party music.

RawGreen responds:

I don't think that trance or any genre of music should be labeled by what other artists have done and how they do it. Now, if you want to do this, Trance is generally a relaxing music consisting or electronic sounds(Pads, in general). The beat is usually chosen on how to improve the dynamics of the final rhythm.
Trance also comes close to some orchestra and solo's, not just rave.

EDIT: I reviewed some older trance music, it comes close to disco and funk.

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