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Pretty Good

The intro is different and unneeded I think. You can't even understand what it is saying after different. Then it just starts with cheering. I might just start with the cheering. Good sounds to start the actual songs though. I might have started the bass beat at 0:11. The way that it is is alright, that first part just comes to and end to abruptly/quickly though. The part at 0:18 is good, but might have been better if it came in later after prolonging the first part more. I like the next part though. Love the bass at 0:32. As I said though, I would like the very first part to be prolonged some.

The vocals come in badly. The don't fit well. and all it is is "Listen to your heart". I might not even have them. I might try to add some other type of vocals. I like the piano. Again I might have put the bass in sooner at 1:22. The next part is sort of dull and repetitive. All it does is bring in old sounds. Might wanna add some new ones if you're going to make a new version of this. The part at 2:35 was completely unneeded. Didn't fit well with the song because it was too random. After that, it's still the old sounds again. Need to stray more from that. The outro shouldn't just fade out with the crowd. It should be better than that.

As a song, this didn't sound like a remix of Listen to Your Heart. This sounds like some other song with the lyrics, "Listen to your heart." put in it. Like I said, I don't think the vocals fit in well anyway, but whatever. This needs work. If you ever remake it PM me the final result and I can review that one too.


That intro isn't that good. The sound that fades into it doesn't fit in well then you just cut off the begininning sound. That is bad. Then you add a basic pack sound from FL Studios. This means that you put hardly work into this song because you didn't even create your own sounds. Again a random transition that doesn't fit with the song. Really need to work on this song. Fix the transitions, change the tune, make it more interesting (it is really plain and boring), The ending is bad along with another bad transition, gosh, this really needs work or needs to be trashed. It's so boring, plain, and unoriginal. Really work on this or trash it man.

DragonsoulX responds:

no, i like it. plus before you go off on it realize i was still in the beginning fo learning how to make my own sounds. look at it with that in mind then you'd understand. I know now it's not the greatest thing in the world, but i will not trash it just cause i didn't know everything. And even now i don't know all that much. I still makes songs and post it cause i like too. some ppl will have a different few on it. plus when i first used FL i didn't have the save for projects so i can't really work on it. >.> but i might redo this song. in fact that might be a good idea.

i understand your veiws on this and NOW i try to make all of my own sounds. but this was a year old dude. lol look at the newer songs. lol

anywho thankyou for your review XD

How is this rave

There is nothing ravish about it. It is plain, bleak, using basic packs that everyone uses. It takes almost no work to make this. I could make something like this in 5 minutes. You need way better intro, better sounds that fit together, more sounds, better transitions (it just cuts off randomly and starts in randomly). The kick is okay, but you could pick a better one. This song is just too random/plain to be any good. You need tons more work put into this. Change the name too. This is not rave at all. You really do need to fix this or just take it off NG.


Wow. That bass beat is sickeningly awesome. I know that melody, came from a song that I have from Tiësto. This is so much better though. Tiësto always draws his songs out to much without enough variation. This is perfect. It is a little on the plain side when it comes to higher and lower sounds, but this is good. Piano is good. Like Mich said, perfectly EQed. But this is still on the plain side of things. I liked how you made this out of Tiësto's Urban Train though. Good song.


I liked it until 0:42 unlike the guy below me. Finish this then I will review it.

Needs Work.

I don't really like fade in intros to begin with, try to stay away from that. Fairly good start. A little repetitive though same sound till 0:55 then only one sound added in. Might want to change it up more. Still same thing all the way through. You'll need more variation later. Good soft part, but then bad fading out. Don't do that in the final.

So, you need more variation and sound and to get rid of that fading. The melody is okay, but not your best. This piece as a whole needs some work but I don't think it is up to your standards. Keep working on it.

DjSc00p responds:

The fade in fade out was kinda to keep the peacefulness in. Its just different tastes we have i guess xD. For the repetitiveness, i intended it to be repetitive and sort of wanted a repetitive/progressive relaxing song. I coulda have added variation but i liked it simple and repetitive, something to really relax and stuff. I guess you like my happy, upbeat songs more though, lol thanks for the review!


I personally don't like the intro with the birds and insects playing. Not my type. Again at the end. I just don't like it.

Other than that, great song! It wasn't repetitive at any point and fit well. It could use more layers though.

The chineese sound I like a whole lot. Would like to have a copy of something like that if you could send it to me. Maybe just the program that makes it.

Back to the song, the part at 2:09-2:10 didn't fit perfectly try to make that flow better.

Good song, just some improvements could be made.


Another song from BassPirates! Love your music man! This keeps up with the standard that you have set for yourself, Perfection. I can't find anything wrong with this song no matter how hard I look. You bass, as usual is fantastic. The bass synth and beat were great. Great melody, catchy and awesome. Perfect song, yet again man. Keep up the great work.

-Your Biggest Fan


The beginning of the intro was good. I liked most of it. But, I would have cut the intro at 0:27 after making that snare build up beating really fast and broken into some rave type music but that's just me.

The way you format the song, it gets repetitive and boring fairly quickly. There isn't much straying from the intro and it could be improved a lot.

Fairly good song, but needs more work.

Review as it's going

Nice sound for a start, good job with the vocals.
Ooh, a harmony with the first sound.
Now the bass is in and the claps and high taps are in.
Nice buildup and!
Aw, that was a let down. That build up was too good for that next sound that came in.
Sound at 1:07 was good. Helped the song get some of its greatness back.
1:35 was good and calm. I liked it.
WOW! Sound at 1:48 was AmAZiNg. Loved it
Bass is back in now. Great bass but might want to turn it up some. Seems too soft.
Now the vocals are in again and it's repeating the beginning making it come together.
There is that sound again! Love it. Same one as at 1:48 but good for putting it back in.
Starting to build up again but never finished. Just faded out. Kind of a let down.

Overall it's a little thin in some places and that let down in the beginning was bad. Good sounds. Put together pretty well. Still love the sound at 1:48 and the parts that go with it though. Good song. Keep it up

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